How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay

How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay

Three paragraph essays are common assignments in almost every career, particularly in high school and college. Since any subject may require the student to write a three paragraph essay, it is therefore important to understand expected format and guidelines to come up with a strong three paragraph essays. Ideally, these three paragraphs essays are merely one page but with an introduction, one body paragraph and a conclusion. This text will explore how to write a good three paragraph essay.

While writing a three paragraph essay, it is impeccable to start with a hook since the text should be brief but interesting. Choose a creative way to introduce the topic sentence and to capture the audience’s attention. The introduction sentence for a three essay text ought to be a generalized statement about the research topic to provide the reader with a basic idea about the thesis statement. The use of quotes, anecdotes and quips help to make a great hook within the introduction paragraph.

The second part of the three paragraph essay is body paragraph. All the points should be arranged precisely to sandwich the weakest points within the body. The writer should begin the body paragraph with a topic sentence that states the point and connects it back to the thesis. The topic sentence will help to control the rest of the points in the second paragraph, just like thesis control the entire essay. Lastly, the writer should provide evidence and examples to back up points.

The last part of a three paragraph essay is a conclusion. Here, the writer should restate the ideas previously expressed in the thesis statement. The conclusion is not merely copied and pasting the thesis but rewriting the thesis with a weight of an argument behind it. Since the readers have a clue about all the points in the text, the conclusion section should reflect all this.

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